Help Wanted


Communication Director:

The Communications Director will manage content for social media as well as cultivate relevant content for print, radio, television, and online outlets. Responsibilities include finding and maintaining relationships for media outlets, utilizing various content creators, promoting all outreach events and fundraisers, and any other media related tasks as needed.

Social Media Manager:

The Social Media manager will report to the Communications Director and will be responsible for generating content on all social media platforms and analyzing their impact. This individual will need to be very good at messaging and have a professional demeanor. Working with other directors and leadership, they will spearhead all efforts towards our social media goals.


Fundraising Director:

The Fundraising Director will manage all aspects of funding the campaign. Responsibilities include maintaining a donor list and relationships with those donors, asking for donations when appropriate, and working with other directors for fundraising events. 


Research Director:

The research director will manage all aspects of our research team including policy research, opposition research, and more. 


Researchers will report to the Research Director and be responsible for researching various topics that will help us craft our messaging, our campaign strategy, and our policies. Must be detail oriented and able to read, understand, and interpret Congressional leagleeze. 


Event Director

The Event Director oversees all aspects of event planning and management, including internal and external events.  Responsibilities include finding and booking events, staffing the events, ensuring we have all necessary materials for events, and that any and all requirements are met for each event.  

Volunteer Director

The Volunteer Director will find and recruit volunteers as well as assign and manage them when needed.  Responsibilities include recruiting volunteers, maintaining a list of their contact info and skill sets, organizing them for events, and keeping them motivated.

Champaign County Chairs:

The Campaign County chair will work closely with both the Event Director and Volunteer Director to keep the campaign apprised of events in your county as well as help meet staffing needs for those events. 

Additionally the county chair will be responsible for distributing all necessary supplies, such as rack cards, business cards, yard signs, etx to people and events in their county. 

They will also serve as our campaign liaison to coordinate with local candidates so we can schedule joint events, GotV activities, etc. 


Canvassers are people who go door-to-door and conduct surveys on behalf of our candidates. 

Phone Banking:

Phone bankers are people who make phone calls or text people to conduct surveys on behalf of our candidates. 

Outreach Booth Volunteers:

Outreach events require several roles to be successful. Whether it’s setting up the booth, talking to attendees about Libertarian principles, selling raffle tickets, or supporting other volunteers working the booth, there is a way to get involved in our outreach efforts. 

Relevant Experience / Why you want to volunteer