Today, we see another attempt from Republican Todd Young and Washington D.C. whittling down the rights of Americans across the United States of America. The “bipartisan” Safer Communities Act, which Young voted Tuesday to pass to the Senate floor, is nothing more than political theater utilizing emotions to infringe on your God-given rights. 

Our right to self-protection, including freedom from tyranny, is something Washington will continue to whittle until it becomes so thin, it will be easily snapped by an overbearing government that has already shown no interest in your right to self-preservation and self-defense. 

A portion of this bill addresses mental health crises. Violent acts, such as what we saw in Uvalde, are committed by those who are not mentally stable nor healthy. We could address these same issues with a bill that does not seek further interference on Americans’ Second Amendment rights.  Politicians will hide behind something that is indeed good to continue to weaken American rights. This is theater. 

The age of consent and adulthood continues to be an issue for Washington — except when it requires sending your sons and daughters off to war. 

Washington sees no issues in sending recruiters to your child’s school with promises of glory and monetary gain while minimizing the real risk of death, PTSD, and lack of support re-entering civilian life. If Washington continues to call 18 year olds adults who are ready for war, then they must also protect the rights of those same adults including the Second Amendment. This bill does the opposite with inconsistencies that whittle the rights for all Americans. 

In addition to targeting the rights of young adults, it also targets those in “relationships” with criminal offenders. This is another way to attack the rights of adults. The lack of a clear definition of relationship is concerning. This bill will be utilized to remove guns from Americans without due process. 

Furthermore, if his bill had been in place previously, the part of the bill that addresses guns would not have prevented Uvalde, Santa Fe, Newton, or even Columbine. Washington will continue to whittle your rights in the name of “safety” using emotional issues to further an intrusive agenda. We all want to protect our children and our future generations. We can do this without also taking the rights of Americans with empty do-nothing promises. 

Todd Young has shown he does not represent his constituents nor our constitutional rights. If we continue to give Washington a pass, our rights will become thin and meaningless. Every public official must understand the government’s role is not to protect itself with more power, but to protect your natural rights. We must at all costs protect what our forefathers built to preserve freedom for future generations.


James Sceniak is the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s candidate for United States Senate. Sceniak, a native of Goshen who currently resides in Greenwood, serves children with autism as a behavior therapist. He is running to build better communities, ensure religious freedom, care for our veterans and allow individuals to pursue the best medical care to fit their individual needs. James believes in natural rights and will not vote to erode the rights to life, liberty and property. He understands the danger of too much power concentrated in too few hands. James is available for interviews or to be a guest on your programs. To schedule, please contact