Being disappointed and frustrated with Senator’s Todd Young’s “no” vote on the PACT Act for veterans’ healthcare would be undercutting the impact of his vote. I am furious that he chose politics over veterans in last week’s vote.

Veterans’ healthcare should never be used as a bargaining chip. In the same week Young voted to give billions of taxpayers’ hard-earned money to an already-lucrative semiconductor industry, he abandons veterans and the men and women who fought for our freedom.

Our VA system has already failed veterans. Speaking with Hoosier veterans across the state, I have come to understand it is necessary to do better for their healthcare. They deserve to be treated as heroes.

Apparently, it is permissible to side with Democrats for an intrusive gun control bill, but not to take care of our veterans on a bill he once affirmed with his vote. Sen. Young has spit on veterans with this hypocrisy and stale partisan games. Putting selfish politics above humanity and our soldiers, is beyond repulsive.

We need to change the conversation and care for our veterans. We, as a nation, need to make it an utmost priority to care for those who fought for our freedoms. They gave their all, in return we can give them the care they deserve. It shouldn’t take an act of Congress for veterans to get the healthcare they need. When we give the money directly to our veterans, through my VetCare proposal, they are in control of their own healthcare. They can get the care they need, when they need, and whatever location is convenient for services. My VetCare is necessary to ensure that veterans are no longer grossly used as political pawns. Veterans’ health is not a bargaining chip.

James Sceniak

Libertarian Party Candidate for U.S. Senate

Greenwood, Indiana


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