Sceniak not invited to US Senate candidates forum

Sceniak not invited to US Senate Candidates forum

James Sceniak, the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s candidate for U.S. Senate will be hosting an online Town Hall at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 24, in response to Nexstar Media Group’s decision to exclude him from a town hall that will feature two other Senate candidates. 

The Town Hall will be broadcast on Facebook Live at the James Sceniak for U.S. Senate page. James will answer the same questions being asked of the other candidates. He has been accessible to voters, meeting them not just in-person around the state, but also by hosting a weekly Q&A on Facebook Live. 

While James will host the online Town Hall, we will gladly cancel the appearance if Nexstar Media Group and its two Indianapolis TV stations, WXIN and WTTV, reverse their decision to exclude James from its forum, a short-sighted decision based on corporate standards which appear to have been created specifically to exclude third-party candidates. 

The decision to exclude Sceniak breaks a gentleman’s agreement that has existed amongst statewide candidates since 1994 that all candidates with ballot access be invited to participate in all debates and candidate forums. Leaving out any candidate who has ballot access from any forum or debate does a significant disservice to voters, because it leaves out a clear choice they will have on the ballot. 

This incomplete “forum” comes one week after James participated in a statewide debate produced by the Indiana Debate Commission, where he was given an equal opportunity alongside the other two candidates to lay out his vision and provide real solutions for Hoosiers. 

We encourage voters to watch the online Town Hall at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24 at, and continue to watch weekly as James holds his weekly Q&As each Wednesday on the same Facebook page. 


James Sceniak is available for interviews and looks forward to discussing his campaign and legislative priorities with you. To schedule an interview or to have James as a guest on your radio or TV program, please contact or with your desired times and locations.

CONTACT: Danny Lundy, Campaign Manager, Sceniak For Senate or Andrew Smith, Communications Manager, Sceniak For Senate