Sceniak Challenges Young, Mcdermott To Three Senate Debates



Libertarian Party candidate James Sceniak is formally challenging his opponents, Republican Todd Young and Democrat Tom McDermott, to three debates across Indiana, allowing voters to better know their candidates and their stances prior to the Nov. 8 election.


As we approach the Nov. 8 election, Hoosiers are preparing to choose their next representative for the U.S. Senate. I ask you to consider this decision carefully and to value their vote.

Part of valuing your vote is understanding who your candidates are and the principles they stand for. Do those principles value individual freedoms and continue to expand freedom to all?

This is why, as your Libertarian Party candidate for the United States Senate, I am challenging my opponents Todd Young and Tom McDermott to three debates.

When an employer is hiring, they will have multiple interviews to be better informed in selecting the top candidate. As voters, you are hiring a senator to represent you. You, the people, have the right to multiple interviews with those of us who desire to serve you. Hoosiers have a right to hear the candidates’ views and where they contrast. Additionally, you have the right to question and understand the record of the current incumbent.

Since launching my campaign, I have traveled all across Indiana, meeting voters in their communities and listening to their concerns. I have participated in 15 town halls throughout the state to hear from voters and outline my vision of bringing Hoosier values to Washington, D.C. Opposing deficit spending, ensuring medical freedom, and improving veterans’ health care through my VetCare proposal are just three of the priorities Hoosiers want to see in Washington. 

As a voter, you value your vote. You should vote for the option that best aligns with your own principles. Demand three debates, which are a necessary part of the electoral process. You deserve to know where we stand on the issues most important to you. Hoosiers deserve three Senate debates.


James Sceniak is a life-long Hoosier who is running to represent Indiana in the United States Senate. A native of Goshen and a graduate of Bethel University, James currently resides in Greenwood. He is a behavioral therapist who works with children with autism.

James’ priorities include promoting medical freedom, improving veterans’ health care through his VetCare proposal and bringing the Hoosier values of fiscal responsibility to Congress. To find out more, visit


James is available for interviews and looks forward to discussing his campaign and legislative priorities with you. To schedule an interview or to have James as a guest on your radio or TV program, please contact or with your desired times and locations.

CONTACT: Danny Lundy, Campaign Manager, Sceniak For Senate or Andrew Smith, Communications Manager, Sceniak For Senate     


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