Medical Freedom

Recognizing that all bodies have differing medical needs, medical freedom is important to protect. James has regularly stated that politicians are not physicians. He believes that your medical care should be between you and your doctor of choice. Most medical decisions have side effects and therefore only the one receiving care can make these medical decisions.

Vaccinations should not be mandated from the federal level. The federal government should be prohibited from making a sweeping blanket decision. Every person has the right to protect themselves how they best see fit. 

James recognizes Cannabis as a medical alternative that may positively affect some individuals. Having a wide range of use, from chronic pain, to crohn’s disease, to Alzheimer’s (Mayo clinic) cannabis should be a medical option across the United States. Promising to deschedule cannabis so that this is a legal form of medical care in all 50 states is part of James’ agenda as Senator. 

  • No Federal ‘one size fits all’ mandates
  • De-schedule cannabis on the Federal level
  • Eliminate burdensome and unnecessary taxes and regulation on medical device manufacturers
  • De-weaponize the patent system to allow more affordable generic options for necessary and life saving drugs


The V.A. and Washington have failed their obligations to veterans with their medical care. James believes that we can do better on our promises to veterans and their care. They served us and it is our turn to give them the best available medical care. 

James’ VetCare program allows wasteful funding of the VA to be redirected to the Veterans Personal Care Account (VPCA). The VPCA will function similarly to a health savings account. A portion of VA funds would go directly to the VPCA and allow veterans to get whatever care they need, wherever is most convenient for them, and from a doctor of their choice. 

The second portion of funds would be allocated to additional long term and substantial medical needs. Examples would include cancer, chronic illnesses, transplants, and other highly expensive or unique medical needs. These funds would be readily available with a doctor submitting a need of care application.

  • Strong national defense with the least possible interference in unnecessary foreign conflict
  • Bring our troops home now and safely
  • Take a fresh modern approach to veteran needs through programs like VetCare

Fiscal Sanity

Currently, Inflation is affecting Hoosiers at an astronomical rate. This is bad for Indiana. Gas tanks are more expensive to fill, groceries cost more, and restaurants have spiked their prices. Rent and housing prices have increased. Because of inflation it is more difficult for Hoosiers to provide for their families and themselves. The value of the dollar is decreasing due to Washington’s stale and wasteful approach to our economy.

James believes that you work hard for your dollar. He understands the value of keeping an inflation rate to a minimum. He wants your children and grandchildren to have an economical opportunity that will set them up for financial success. He is willing to fight for a balanced budget to stop the current wasteful spending sprees in Washington DC.

Vote for someone who promises to vote against any deficit spending. Vote for someone who will protect the value of your dollar. 

  • Stop the bleeding by ending deficit spending
  • Cut government waste
  • Take a fresh modern approach to entitlement reform
    • Like the Cato Institute’s 6.2% Plan for Social Security
  • End corporate welfare
  • Get serious about ending fraud and abuse in our government

Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal justice reform is overdue. Citizens all over the country have taken to the streets in protest demanding something be done, but Todd Young still hasn’t heard them. 

When our government confiscates more property each year that thieves steal, something is wrong. When government officials commit crimes and walk because of qualified immunity, something is wrong. When no-knock raids are becoming increasingly more frequent and dangerous, endangering both civilians and officers, something is wrong. 

Congress has been too afraid to have a real conversation about this issue. Our civil liberties can not and should not pay the price for security. I will work with members of congress from any side of the aisle to pass meaningful, common sense criminal justice reform that will make our citizens and our law enforcement officials both safer and  more free. 

  • End Civil Asset Forfeiture
  • End No-Knock Warrants
  • End Qualified Immunity
  • End minimum sentencing requirements
  • End the ‘War on Drugs’
    • Treat this as a health crisis and not a criminal one

Gun Rights

James in a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter. He will not support any further gun restrictions.

James is a behavioral therapist and believes ‘blaming the guns’ misses the mark. Happy healthy people, with futures to look forward to, do not commit atrocities. The root cause of this issue is the lack of support for mental health services and better economic opportunities. We need to stop focusing on how they commit these acts of violence and instead look at why they commit them. Let’s treat the root cause by increasing access to mental health services and creating better economic opportunities for people.

Read James’ official statement regarding the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” HERE


James considers himself personally pro-life, but government bans and criminalization does not work. Abortions will still be performed and often with greater risk, thus losing more lives. Our end goal should always be to preserve life. This can only be done by increasing society’s support for life. James’ plan for reducing abortions involves supporting adoption through substantial tax breaks and continuing to subsidize the cost of adoption, supporting foster care, ensuring every individual has the opportunity and freedom to pursue happiness by ensuring we fight inflation and waste, and to ensure we educate young men and women in safe sex practices.

Read James’ official statement regarding the “Dobbs v Jackson” decision HERE