Letter to Delegates

Hello and thank you for standing up for liberty as a delegate to our state convention! The work you are doing to get involved means so much to candidates like myself and many others!

My name is James Sceniak, and I am seeking your nomination to run for US Senate to represent fellow liberty minded Hoosiers in Washington D.C.

My career in Behavioral Therapy has given me the tools I need to be able to communicate effectively with the public; and the time I have spent working with the LPIN has inspired me to put my skills as a public servant to work for YOU! My pro-growth campaign will bring a fresh, modern approach to Medical Freedom, Veteran Care, & Fiscal Sanity.

Some of the biggest issues in Washington exist because lifetime politicians believe they know, better than you, how to take care of your family. This has become glaringly apparent with recent federal government pushes for medical mandates. These mandates are wasteful and intrusive.

Elected officials are not qualified to make healthcare decisions for individuals. I know we are all unique people with different needs; and that universal, standardized policies are hazardous to our health, freedoms, and liberty.

Along the same lines, I am concerned for our veteran’s healthcare. The bureaucrats in Washington have decided that veterans only receive healthcare at their pre-approved sites with little, to no, choice in doctors. While the VA has one of the largest budgets, their level of care is embarrassing.

I am ready to make good on the empty promises politicians have made to those who sacrificed and fought for America’s freedom. I have a real solution with my VetCare program, which applies free market principles to reduce overall costs. Veterans will no longer be forced to use government run healthcare, which is failing them, and instead give them free market options where they can control their own healthcare and make the decisions that are best for themselves and their families.

Politicians in Washington do not know the meaning of the terms “budget” or “fiscal sanity”. Their spending sprees are wasteful and out-of-control. When confronted with accountability from their constituents they respond by creating policies that take power away from the people. We can fight this problem by growing the Libertarian Party and electing more Libertarians to work in D.C.

I am committed to growing this party. I have attended dozens of county conventions, built relationships with current party members, and I have worked diligently to spread our message to others at outreach events. I am motivated to help our down ballot candidates on their paths to victory and inspire disenfranchised voters to look outside the two parties they feel forced to choose from. In just a year’s time (in a non-election year at that!) our state party has grown significantly, and counties are affiliating in record numbers!

I ask that you consider the many ways you can help my campaign continue to assist counties and candidates spread the message of liberty as we continue this growth through 2022. Whether it is a vote for me at convention, a financial donation, or volunteer work – your support is essential!

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to seeing you at the state convention. 

James Sceniak