1 thought on “Kosciusko County Convention”

  1. Richard Sceniak

    Our country spends more money on our military than the next 12 ranked countries combined. Our budget this year, for example, is in the neighborhood of $750 billion. The benefits of that is that the US gets to police the rest of the world and can dictate what’s acceptable and what isn’t. We get to play GOD.
    The problem is that no one but God has the right to judge others, and that includes the liars and hypocrites who run our country.
    The bottom line is that all that you want to accomplish can be done if the US stops trying to police the world and stops interfering in the sovereignty of our countries. If we spent some of that military budget on focusing on that “log” in our own eyes instead that “speck of sawdust” in our neighbor’s eye this world would be a lot better off.

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