Jackson County’s Libertarian party has convention

The Libertarian Party of Jackson County recently held its annual convention at a restaurant in downtown Seymour.

Besides members of the local party, those in attendance included James Sceniak, who is running for U.S. Senate, Tonya Millis, who is a candidate for Indiana’s Ninth Congressional District, and Eric Allen, representing Indiana secretary of state candidate Jeff Maurer.

The local Jackson County affiliate of the Libertarian Party was formed in mid-2021 after the rousing show of support that Donald Rainwater garnered in the 2020 gubernatorial race.

While Rainwater received 11.4% of the vote in the election, in Jackson County, he received 21.9% to finish second. Using this kickstart from the election turnout, the Libertarian Party is experiencing solid growth in membership and the affiliation of numerous local county parties, according to a news release from Kevin Coryell, secretary of the party.

The local chapter is chaired by Josh Hacker from Brownstown with the assistance of Coryell, Vice Chair Craig Reynolds and Treasurer Stephen Crawford.

During the Jan. 16 meeting at Pizza Palace, delegates to the annual state convention were nominated and voted on as well as local candidates for the 2022 Jackson County election. Delegates for the convention will be Hacker, Crawford and Coryell with Reynolds as an alternate.

For the 2022 county election, Coryell was nominated to represent the party as a candidate for the Redding Township advisory board, and Crawford received the nomination for Brownstown Township trustee.

Being a minor party in the state, the Libertarian Party does not have a primary election, so its candidates are nominated at the county and state conventions.

With the business of the convention being complete, Hacker called for the convention to be recessed. By recessing the convention instead of adjourning, the ability to receive more nominations for positions is left open until the meeting in June.

Anyone interested in learning more or even running for office as a Libertarian may reach out to the party on Facebook, Libertarian Party of Jackson County, or to Hacker at 812-350-6063 or Coryell at 812-767-7295.

The party’s next scheduled meeting at 10 a.m. Feb. 12 at 1852 Café in downtown Seymour. Monthly meetings are open to the public.

~ Staff Report | Published January 31, 2022 in The Seymour Tribune