About James Sceniak

The people are not being represented in Washington, D.C. It is time for a change. James Sceniak is passionate about bringing a fresh modern Hoosier approach to Washington DC. As a lifetime Hoosier, James knows the concerns that are present in the state: medical freedom, veterans’ care, fiscal responsibility, and more. 
James is a trained behavior therapist that works primarily with children on the autism spectrum. He works with kids to improve their social, academic, behavioral, and gross and fine motor skills. James is already a public servant and wants to use those same skills and attitude of service to represent all of Indiana in the Senate. 
Capitol Hill is overflowing with invasive, stale, and incomprehensibly wasteful policies. That’s what inspired James to run. Nothing ever changes in Washington. It doesn’t matter which side has power; nothing ever gets fixed. Promises are made and then tossed aside only to be dusted off at re-election time. James has always had a ‘roll up your sleeves and get it done’ work ethic and thinks it’s time DC stopped talking about fixing things every 6 years and instead got to work on the problems facing Hoosiers. 
The first priority will be medical freedom. James recognizes the value of medical choices being decided by individuals and their chosen healthcare professionals. Every individual is different and unique. You cannot apply one-size-fits-all solutions to everyone, and politicians certainly aren’t qualified to make that individual decision for 330 Million people. Congress is not you r personal physician, they need to stop acting like they are and end their intrusive medical policies. 
One area where James is really ready to roll up his sleeves and apply his Hoosier work ethic is fulfilling our obligations to our veterans. The V.A. has been and continues to fail our heroes time and time again. As usual, we hear promises every election cycle that it’s going to get fixed, but it never does. James intends to make good on
 our promises that were made to our veterans through his VetCare program. By applying free market principles to veteran healthcare, we can reduce the overall cost, nearly eliminate the crushing bureaucracy, and most importantly: give our veterans the medical freedom they fought for. 
Washington DC hasn’t been on a budget; it’s been on a spending spree. Hoosiers are paying the price through outrageous inflation rates, higher taxes, and less money to pursue their American Dream. James believes in bringing the Hoosier values of basic fiscal responsibility to Washington. Stop spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need. 

Your vote has value and we should ask ourselves: What value have we been getting for our vote? If you believe in a fresh, modern approach and you’ve been voting for the old parties – you aren’t getting what you voted for. Instead you’ve gotten the same invasive, stale, wasteful policies that haven’t really changed much in the last 50 years or more. 

Vote your values. Vote for Change. Vote for a fresh, modern approach. Vote James Sceniak for U.S. Senate. 

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Joe Linne

Joe Linne Hoosier Hemp Dispensery


"In life, many people spend their whole lives only being spectators and never actually get on the field to do the hard work. In order see a change in our life's, we have to go from thinking, to doing, to ultimately become the change we want to see. We have to get off of the bleachers and on to the playing field. We are very proud to say that we endorse James Sceniak for Senate, because he is willing to do the hard work to create the change the American people truly want. To stand up for individual liberties while uniting us together as one. Thank you James."

Eric Allen

Eric Allen Outreach Director for LP Morgan County


"I have watched James closely since his announcement to run for the LPIN nomination in the summer of 2021. In that time, I have seen him develop the qualities and DO THE WORK that our party so desperately needs to win elections. Therefore, I am endorsing his nomination for US Senate. We have many great activists in the LP, but few statesmen - James fills a need not only in the LP, but in Washington as well."

Joe Hauptmann

Joe Hauptmann Former LPIN State Chair

"Having served as the LPIN state chair during my over 40 years in the party I have a strong interest in its future. Therefore, I strongly endorse James Sceniak as my choice for our US Senate candidate in the 2022 election. Under my generation's leadership the LP went from a handful of activists to the recognized established minor party in the state. James Sceniak is the type of candidate that can make the LPIN a major party in Indiana. His focus on growth will provide the party the muscle to put compete on the ground with the GOP. His focus on government overreach that most Hoosiers disapprove of will allow us to have the backing to take on the entrenched special interests. Although the LPIN is fortunate to have 2 qualified candidates seeking our nomination this cycle, James Sceniak is my clear choice."